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Gerhard Merzeder has worked as a photographer for many years. His theme is fashion and beauty. During his time as a fashion photographer in New York in the 90s, he photographed all the top names in the industry. His works enhance the covers of prominent magazines like Vogue, Madame, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Surface, Marie Claire and 74 Magazine. He lives and works as a fashion, art, and advertising photographer in Zurich, Vienna and Bangkok.

The studio is his biotope, and the world of fashion and beauty his home. The world knows him as the photographer who ever again focuses on the aesthetics of his models – the center point of his attention. Now he has left his studio and has moved away, along with his models. He has exchanged the intimacy of his studio with the craggy plateaus of Iceland and the lush landscapes of Bali.
Gerhard Merzeder learned the handicraft of photography and achieved his master at age 21.

He spent his nights in the darkroom, mixed chemicals, developed films and papers. These experiences are part and parcel of his biography. They all flow into his works, which he now produces with modern equipment and at the computer. Like a bridge between epochs, these various experiences have led to a style that in penetrating the veneer finds its true expression.

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